Why Sunrider is Important

Sunrider foods support daily regeneration of the body. They are needed today more than at any other time in history, with our soil being depleted and the nutritional profile of regular food being alarmingly low (even though it looks attractive on the outside!).

The Sunrider foods are emperor-grade food herbs. This means that they are highly recommended for regular, long-term consumption and are absolutely safe. They are very different from medicinal herbs, which are only appropriate for short-term use in acute situations. Instead of performing a function for the body as medicinal herbs do, the Sunrider food-grade herbs strengthen and balance the body itself by nourishing it to do its own work. They are far higher in nutritional value than the foods we normally obtain from the grocery store and are designed to be a valuable addition to our regular diets. They are completely vegetarian and are grown without the use of artificial chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides. Finally, they are enhanced, formulated, and concentrated for efficacy and value.

There is no one ultimate food. Mother Nature has created variety for a purpose. Sunrider understands this. The body needs an array of foods in a balanced formulation to absorb what it needs at each moment. We need a buffet, not one magic berry. Sunrider offers just that – an easy-to-prepare buffet.

In addition, Sunrider has created body care products that are food for the skin, hair, mouth and body as well as household products that are non-toxic and are more powerful than any other cleaners on the market. Healthy & natural works!


As you eat the Sunrider foods or use Sunrider products, you will feel your body beginning to balance itself. Occasionally, you may go through a cleansing phase as your body regenerates and releases old toxins.

Signs of regeneration include looking younger, having more energy, a shorter recovery time from strenuous physical activity, greater emotional balance, enhanced mental clarity, and better overall functioning of the body.

Why Is Sunrider Essential For Health in Our Modern World

(Aadil Palkhivala,  www.aadil.com)

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