Philosophy of Regeneration

The Philosophy of Regeneration has three main principles:

  1. The body has the innate capacity to heal itself when given the correct combination of raw material.
  2. The raw material must be in the form of whole foods.
  3. Each one of us is responsible for our health.

The Body’s Wisdom

When we cut our finger, we recognize that our body knows what to do to heal that finger. The same is true for every function in the body. If there is an imbalance, the body tries its best to bring itself back into balance. To do this, it requires the right nutrients and enzymes, as well as love, activity, rest, and a supportive environment.

Whole Foods

The body can best absorb the right raw ingredients from whole foods. Whole foods are Mother Nature’s gift to us. In our modern world, there are multi-million dollar industries built around the re-creation of specific compounds that are found in whole foods and have healing properties. These compounds are often artificially created, separated, and called isolates. When these compounds are removed from their whole-food source or are synthetic, they are often not recognizable by the body, and therefore are difficult to digest and often flushed out. We end up paying for substances that our body is not able to use. When food is minimally processed and kept in its whole-food form, the body can recognize all its nutritional markers and can produce the correct enzymes to break the food down. Then the body is able to build, repair, balance, and cleanse itself daily. Sunrider’s foods are whole foods.


The most important part of the Philosophy of Regeneration is self responsibility. Each day we have the opportunity to bring balance and health into our lives through the food we eat, the amount of rest we get, the type of environment we surround ourselves with, and the type of activities we do. In taking care of our health, we all require the following:

    • Pure, organic foods
    • Clean air, pure water, and non-toxic living & working environment
    • Exercise (yoga)
    • Rest (sleeping at least 7-8 hours a night)
    • Peace of mind (meditation)
    • A loving environment (being loved, and loving others)
    • Positive thoughts
    • Kind actions and words
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