How Sunrider is Unique

Sunrider uses whole foods. The ingredients are not chemically modified or isolated and they are combined and prepared in a way that makes them easy to digest. When you eat Sunrider foods you are eating food that is alive. The enzymes are still intact, so when you take the food concentrates out of their package and add water, you need to consume them soon or they will go bad, as all living food does.

Sunrider makes products without fillers or harmful chemicals. All the raw materials are grown organically in their country of origin, picked and cleaned by hand, inspected for contamination, sprouted, extracted, juiced, dehydrated, and combined with other herbs or minerals to enhance all positive effects and neutralize all negative effects.

Because mold and parasites are a growing concern and problem Sunrider has created additional household products to address these issues on our food and in our home.

Because the company has so much integrity, Sunrider uses the smallest amount of preservatives possible in its body care products to prevent the growth of mold. Because all Sunrider products go through rigorous testing, Sunrider has not found it possible to make food-grade personal care products like creams, shampoos and lotions without a small amount of preservatives. Sunrider realized that for most people it is not easy to refrigerate make-up and body care products.

Dr. Tei Fu Chen is a master herbalist and pharmacist, and his wife, Dr. Oi Lin Chen, is a medical doctor. They have formulated and processed the Sunrider foods so that they are naturally enhanced to increase the herbs’ benefits. The herbs are concentrated so you get 7 pounds of raw material in every pound of finished product. All the products are unique formulas based on traditional Chinese principles and on Dr. Chen’s vast expertise.

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