Herbal Foods

According to the ancient Chinese, everything that grows in nature is an herb. There are three primary categories of herbs: toxic, medicinal, and food grade. Toxic herbs are those that are poisonous. Medicinal herbs are those that should be administered by an herbalist or naturopath and should only be consumed for a short time. Food-grade herbs are everything else that is edible and grows in nature, and should be a regular part of everyone’s diet.

Three categories of Food-grade herbs

  • Regular table foods – nuts, grains, legumes, beans, fruit, seeds, mushrooms and vegetables.
  • Tonic foods that nourish the body more deeply and include a wider spectrum of the plant kingdom, from roots and leaves to spices, bulbs, seeds, bark and flowers. Indian and Chinese cultures have incorporated these foods into their diets for centuries.
  • Emperor-grade foods that were fed only to the emperor and his family because of their extremely high nutritional profile. Sunrider uses only herbal foods that are of the Emperor grade.
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Basic Program

Cleansing   Calli and Fortune Delight  (try them both)


Nourishing   Nuplus – Original (calms your nerves)


Sunectar     (safe sweetner)


Quinary  (balancing)

http://shop.sunrider.com/Shop/Product_51.asp?group_id=2&dept_id=6&pf_id=1059&Return=/shop/display_dept.asp? group_id=2&dept_id=6&viewall=viewall&Cols=0

ESE  to really calm and feed your nervous system


TOP   feeds your brain so you can have clarity


Fruit and Vegetable Rinse   (removes pesticides, fungus, parasites etc)



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