Twenty years ago we found a company that produces amazing foods that help the body regenerate. The foods help bring light into the body and are extremely nourishing. When the body and its systems are properly nourished, the body can and will heal itself.

The philosophy behind Sunrider comes from ancient traditions and the products are, of course, the highest quality we have found. They are the only products we have consistently eaten and recommended for over 20 years.

By quality we mean, “of the highest vibration.” They help the body lift its nature from stagnation and deterioration towards efficiency and evolution, the nature of transformation. Sunrider’s foods hydrate, oxygenate and are alkalizing. They nourish, cleanse and balance the body.

We need energy all the time. Most of this energy comes from the foods we eat. Nutritional needs vary from person to person. There are no perfect foods, nor diets for everyone. Yet, there are some basic foods everyone should eat and principles we can use to guide our choices.

Please enjoy learning what Sunrider has to offer. We pray that you will bring more health and abundance into your life.

For personal assistance with your Sunrider questions, please contact Bella Fleur at 425-885-7026


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