Olivia Newton John, Charlotte Gerson, Jay Kordich and more to be honored at ALIVE New York 2012, celebrity health awards show

Thursday, April 19, 2012
by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
Editor of NaturalNews.com(NaturalNews) Something exciting and wildly positive is happening this June in New York thanks to the efforts of the ALIVE Foundation, which is hosting a celebrity health awards extravaganza that many are comparing to The Oscars. It honors the top health celebrities with a show of support for the holistic health movement. You can buy tickets to attend in person, or watch it streamed live on the internet (www.AliveNewYork.com).

Charlotte Gerson to be inducted into ALIVE Hall of Fame

Charlotte Gerson is a fearless fighter for the rights of cancer patients and survivors. Through her steady, consistent teaching of fresh plant juicing, detoxification and the avoidance of processed foods, Gerson has helped shape the lives of millions of people, and in my opinion she has probably single-handedly prevented more cases of cancer than the entire American Cancer Society.

See the announcement about Charlotte Gerson at:

Learn more about Gerson Therapy at www.Gerson.org

Olivia Newton John named “Survivor and Thriver”

Having survived breast cancer, Olivia Newton John has gone on to spread a message of healing and proactive prevention of breast cancer. She is being honored at the ALIVE event for her continued contributions to a better world for not just women, but for everyone who has faced the challenge of battling cancer.

Learn more at:

Jay Kordich to receive Lifetime Achievement Award

Jay Kordich, the “Father of Juicing,” is a world-renowned enthusiastic advocate of juicing your way to better health. He initiated much of what you see today as the “raw food movement,” and he continues to promote the remarkable health benefits of daily juicing.

See the announcement at:

And learn more about Jay Kordich at www.JayKordich.com

Vote for the Robert Scott Bell Show

The Robert Scott Bell Show, right here on Natural News Radio, is up for an award at the event! If you enjoy the Robert Scott Bell Show, please vote for it at:

You can also vote for NaturalNews as an organization at:

Vote in other categories at:

Here’s how you can get involved and help support the ALIVE Foundation:

Help support the ALIVE Foundation

By the way, I’ll be recording a video message soon and uploading it to help support this remarkable event. We need this in the holistic health industry, and the leaders of this foundation are working very hard to bring attention to the dedicated efforts of all the people who help promote holistic healing, nutrition, natural cancer prevention and so much more.

You can help support this non-profit foundation by making a small donation at:

NaturalNews will be covering this event in more detail between now and the actual event date. This promises to be a hugely exciting awards ceremony, and I encourage everyone in or near New York to attend and celebrate our mutual success of sharing the message of natural healing and holistic health!


Be there!

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