Rebellion in the ‘Burbs: Dad Has Smart Meter Removed

Right in the heart of Silver Springs Networks territory, in San Mateo County, this devoted husband and father of two young children decided his family’s health, safety, and privacy are vitally important to him–so important that he took it upon himself to hire an electrician to remove the PG&E smart meter that was irradiating his home, and replace it with a safe analog meter.


Questions about the RF radiation in his family’s environment began to arise in his mind when his wife was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, a cancer with links to environmental exposures. He is addressing the other various EMF issues around the home, and educating himself about the matter.

Even though the opt-out process was too slow for his family needs, he will be opting out officially as soon as the details are addressed by the CPUC. We invite you to attend this upcoming CPUC meeting to speak out about the extortionate fees to be imposed on ratepayers who choose to protect themselves from the smart meter:

CPUC Business Meeting, Wed. Feb. 1, 2012, 9 am (8:45am to sign up): 505 Van Ness Ave, San Francisco CA.


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