Ready to save money on organic groceries and more? Free 30-day trial membership at Green PolkaDot Box for NaturalNews readers

Wednesday, February 01, 2012 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger

(NaturalNews) Green PolkaDot Box, the new online discount retailer of organic groceries and personal care products, has extended an exclusive offer to NaturalNews readers: Try their membership free for 30 days and see just how much you can save on holistic, natural, non-GMO, gluten-free and other categories of groceries you regularly purchase. In fact, they’re giving you $10 off your first order by using the following coupon code:
(See below for more details…)The 30-day no-obligation tryout is available now at: Shipping is always free on orders over $150 (continental USA only, with special shipping discounts made available for customers in Hawaii). To use the $10 coupon code, there is a $75 minimum order requirement, and you must place your first order within 24 hours of signing up. See the sign-up page for additional details.

What is Green PolkaDot Box?

Much like Sam’s Club or Costco, GPDB is a buyer’s club that gives you discount pricing on natural and organic products, including many non-GMO products. They carry over 100 brands of natural and organic products right now (see the list below), and they are expanding their brand list each week.

GPDB has also made great strides in eliminating GMOs from their product line, although achieving that 100% is virtually impossible due to modern farming practices. For example, there are virtually no gluten-free foods on the market that are also completely free of GMOs. However, GPDB is working hard to identify and inventory GMO-free brands while avoiding “fake organic” brands that use the word “organic” in their brand name but aren’t truly organic.

They already have a Verified Non-GMO button on their site, which brings up all their products that are certified as Non-GMO, and they are actively working with vendors to eliminate GMOs across the board so that more products qualify as verified non-GMO.

All of this stands in great contrast to most of the big-name health product retailers in the marketplace who will sell anything that customers buy, regardless of whether it’s really organic, or whether it contains GMOs. GPDB is actively working with NaturalNews readers, the Organic Consumers Association and the Institute for Responsible Technology to eliminate and avoid offensive brands while stocking their store with responsible brands that are all trending toward organics and away from GMOs.

In this way, GPDB stands as a pioneering retailer that is actively working to reward those product manufacturers which do the right thing and steer clear of GMOs, pesticides and other offensive ingredients.

Free trial for 30 days, plus save $10 on your first order

Much like Costco or Sam’s Club, joining GPDB normally requires a $50 annual fee. This FREE trial, exclusively for NaturalNews readers, allows you to try GPDB for 30 days and see for yourself just how much you can save on the groceries and personal care products you’re already buying. Plus, you’ll save $10 on your first order when you use the code nn10

Sign up now for your free 30-day trial at:
(You can cancel anytime within 30 days and you will not be charged a membership fee, even if you already placed an order and used the $10 discount code!)

As you’ll discover with GPDB, you can see substantial savings over the prices typically found at big-name natural products stores. Plus, you’ll be supporting a retailer that is working diligently to create the most organic, the most non-GMO and the most truly natural selection of groceries, personal care products and pet health products in the world.

I’ve been using Green PolkaDot Box since its launch, and although I wish the store would add more brand selection more quickly, I’m thrilled to know that they are working diligently toward that goal, and that they will be able to help NaturalNews readers save hundreds or thousands of dollars each year on their natural product purchases.

Buying manufactured food should always be your second choice, not your first choice

Finally, for the record, I’m a proponent of growing your own food as much as you can. There’s nothing better than local food right out of your own garden. I grow many of my own vegetables, for example, and I raise chickens who produce truly free-range better-than-organic chicken eggs. See the video of my chickens on the ranch at:

Whether we like it or not, most of us still rely partially or fully on food produced by someone else. So for those food purchases — plus supplements, home care, personal care and more — Green PolkaDot Box is emerging as an increasingly popular solution that can save you serious dollars on the stuff you’re already buying.

For example, I buy Dr. Bronner’s Soap through GPDB. In fact, here are some of the amazing brands they carry right now:

• Dr. Bronner’s castile soap
• Annie’s Naturals salad dressings
• Artisana Almond Butter
• Enjoy Life cereals, cookies and more
• Go Raw cookies and crackers
• Eden Organic Red Quinoa
• Badger lip balm products
• Preserve toothbrushes
• Petguard pet food
… and much more.

Their product categories include:

• No Corn
• No Soy
• Dairy Free
• Gluten Free
• Kosher
• Salt Free
• Vegan
• Vegetarian
• Peanut Free
… and so on.

Try them now and see how much you can save with Green PolkaDot Box: (see full details of the trial offer at this link)

Also, if you want to learn more about GPDB, watch my interview with the founder and CEO Rod Smith:

As a member of GPDB, you can help us all improve their store and let your preferences known about their current product inventory and what you’d like them to bring on. GPDB listens to the community! So your voice helps them choose what products to carry and what products to avoid. In fact, they are improving their currently product lineup on a regular basis, making decisions based on feedback from health-conscious customers like you and I.

With your support, GPDB can become the ideal online retailer of healthy, organic and non-GMO products, putting pressure on other retailers like Whole Foods to clean up their act and take steps to either work towards eliminating GMOs from their stores, or at least labeling them.

Learn more:

Learn more:

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