20 Things You Didn’t Know About Vitamin D

1. The flu risk is profoundly reduced by sunlight and vitamin D optimization. One study showed that a group of 100 women who took vitamin D supplementation reduced their risk of winter flu to zero, compared to 24 cases of flu in another group of 100 who were given a placebo. There is no reason to ever have a flu pandemic.

2. There is compelling evidence that autism is a vitamin D-deficiency disease.

3. Melanoma is not caused by sunlight exposure. One study showed that those people who always used sunscreens to stay out in the sun longer had 8.7 times the risk of melanoma as those who never used sunscreens.

4. The risk of prostate cancer may be reduced as much as 80% by sunlight exposure.

5. Breast cancer risk is reduced up to 65% with sunlight exposure.

6. Low blood levels of vitamin D are closely correlated with obesity.

7. Sunlight is the “drug-free” antidepressant. Depression is remarkably reduced by sunlight and light therapy.

8. Tanning-bed use profoundly increases both vitamin D levels and bone strength.

9. Ovarian cancer is much greater in northern states than in southern states. Is sunlight exposure and vitamin D the answer?

10. Colon cancer risk is predicted by lack of exposure to sunlight.

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Kevin Trudeau

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